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Dima Italia was born in 1990. Its founder, Mr. Francesco Bedino, had just matured a twenty-year experience in the production and marketing of waste collection and handling systems.  Dima Italia represented an important arrival point that allowed him to consolidate his position in home and foreign market alike.  Containers  and roll-on roll-off compactors,  hook-lift equipments,  loaders and grabs  represented the leading products merchandised by Dima Italia. Products reliability combined to the possibility of equipping industrial vehicles as well as the warranty of an efficient and qualified after-sale assistance, allowed to make the company increasing in the market of the products destined to the ecology.

In the second half of ’90 years Dima Italia acquires the control of Lem Oleodinamica and Meccanidraulica, producers of hooklifts systems and hydraulic cranes respectively. They are very important years for the company growth, from both the professional and economic point of view. During this period the customer satisfaction becomes the unavoidable company target.

The study of personalized projects has allowed to satisfy particularly requests coming from the market and improve the proponent capacity in terms of employment and use of the offered systems/equipments.

The matured consciousness that the waste management represents a serious problem at global level, has currently led DIMA Italia to focus its attention to the environmental problem in the different world countries in the attempt to see how it is faced and to understand the best technologies available and adaptable to the various local realities. This different look over the world has been decisive in the close of strategic alliances with leader companies in the ecology and recycling industry which allow Dima Italia to offer a always greater product range and a higher level of specialization and experience.

So the “new” Dima Italia proposes itself in supporting companies, both private and public, in the management of waste collection and disposal, offering innovative and technology advanced solutions starting from the simple waste differentiation at private and local level to get to the management of waste collection and disposal centres which work with the aim of minimizing the transport costs and maximizing the characteristics of the treated material in order of recycling the raw material. All that with the objective of getting the most possible advantage in environmental, economic and quality terms.

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How to end this overview of our corporation group?

The liability soundness of Dima Italia is confirmed by the property and control of thriving business in the real-estate field.

The will of investing by diversifying justifies the choice of dedicating oneself also to the phytotherapeutic field: In 2005 is borne BF PHARMA SPA, in the lead in the science of phytotherapy, which totally controls S.G. Sportline s.r.l. (exclusive distributor for Italy of Weider Global Nutrition brand, supplementary foods for sportsmen): the President of the Board of Directors of both companies is Francesco Bedino.

Companies connected to Dima Italia are, together with other property companies, also LEM IMPIANTI, producers of industrial machinery and equipment.

Dima Italia is a certified company UNI EN ISO 9001

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